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"I would love to try to create my own challenge..but I have NO idea where to start and no time!"  

I can help you with that. 

One of the BEST tools in my arsenal for creating and organizing my challenges IN UNDER AN HOUR is the free Airtable platform. It keeps my files, my promos, my images, my lessons, my social posts and my to-do list ALL in one place!  

The only problem? When you're first starting out, it could take HOURS to get set up correctly!! 

Enter...the Airtable Blueprint

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 With over 15 different Airtable small business spreadsheets (including challenge creation), links and layouts, you can get to the heart of your business and the launch of your challenge almost INSTANTLY...instead of spending valuable hours SETTING IT ALL UP. 

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- Adrienne Luedeking of



Challenge Planner

Your blogging editorial calendar 

Product Planner 

Blog Posts/Downloads/ Sales Funnels 

Purchased Courses and Products 

Testimonials Spreadsheet 

Free Downloads From Other Bloggers 

Pinerest Group Promotion 

and so many more! 

  • Could outline your challenges in less than an hour. 
  • Didn't have to search through folders and apps to find all of the various parts of your amazing new opt-in. 
  • Could see each cog of your simple OR complex challenge as one working machine. 
  • had a clear vision of how your blog posts connected to your downloads and how your dowloads connected to your funnels. 
  • new EXACTLY which products you'd created and had an organized process to show which ideas were still in the works. 
  • could creat a course or challenge outline in less than 20 minutes. 
  • were FINALLY organized in your social media and promotion calendars. 

And imagine if you could do this ALL in less than a day.