You've created your digital home on the interwebs...but HOW do you get people to LOVE it as much as you do? 

Starting a blog is, by far, the easiest part of the whole blogging business! 

From there, you have to write posts that captivate, visually stand out in your niche, generate traffic through events and social media, and cultivate a community around your new brand! 

How on EARTH are you supposed to get ALL of that done and STILL keep your head on straight?!

I have the answer...but first, I have a question for you! 

If the thought of starting from the bottom makes you want to marathon Antique's Roadshow instead...I'm here to show you I can help! 

I have a little secret for you...even the pro bloggers are still trying to "figure it all out"! Systems change, needs change, and more importantly...readers change. 

The way to the blogging throne is NOT through Pinterest, or Twitter, or whatever new shiny social media is "in". 

The way to the top is to be a constant student of the craft. It's to learn and implement as quickly as possible. 

And that, my many amigos, is why I've created The Challenge Repository...

 The Challenge Repository is a collection of e-courses and challenges created to help you increase traffic to your business and make your unique footprint in your niche. 

I've documented every detail of how I've built my from 1 to over 4,000 newsletter subscribers in less than a year...and now I'm giving to you.  

These processes are taken STRAIGHT from my own methods, and the same step-by-step processess I've used over the last 12 months in my own blog, business and social media. 

The Challenge Repository is made up of 5 e-courses (more will be added in 2017!), over 125 lessons, over 50 videos, 37 SERIOUSLY amazing downloads, and private Facebook communities for each topic! 

Side effects for going through and implementing ANY number of these challenges might be...

Getting one massive step closer to generating an income doing what you love. 

Taking months or even years off of your blogging and business learning strategy. 

Writing posts that generate discussion and thousands of social shares. 

 Increasing & understanding how to use emails addresses & newsletters. 

Generating organic traffic through search engines as well as word of mouth.

 Finally feeling like you've got all of insanity all under control.  


The course area is SUPER simple in use...and super in depth in info. Wanna see? 

Get immediate access to every challenge for only $37 a month! 

The Uncorked Challenge Repository can take your small business and blog from something you do...something you are proud of.  


There are a few things you should know before we go any farther. 

1. My challenges PRIMARILY focus on digital products and building a digital following. If you are looking to offer physical products or increase foot traffic...this MIGHT not be the place you're looking for Padawan. 

2. Each challenge will walk you through the 101 of the well as through the end and more advanced aspects! 

3. Each challenge given will take you anwhere between a week and a 30 days to complete...depending on how much time you dedicate to it!! I've provided videos and downloads to help you get through the material even faster! 

Get immediate access to every challenge for only $37 a month!